Love Lost, Love Gained


United States
39° 58' 59.3364" N, 75° 49' 25.788" W

Did love naught ever come this way for thee?
Or did love take captive thou soul to slay?
Faults rarely seen in love – blind cannot see.
Buds of love’s young spring never dreamt this day.

Summer approached with love like wildfire;
Flame rapidly consumed thy youthful hearts,
Making paths for laughter, joy, desire.
The heat of their summer, never apart.

Autumn soon loomed, the untamed fire smoldered.
Broken and lost and afraid was she now,
Left gasping for air crushed by this boulder.
Pain assuaged. Healing transpired – somehow.

Winter brings with the New Year fresh prospect.
As advent spring draws near, new love’s first breath.


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