she survived

She sits there, she's pondering.
Dreaming about her future she's been wondering. Shes in love with him, does he love her too? Does she cry for nothing or are they truly through? She screams his name he has her going insane. Her screams are not plain, but they're all in vein. Because the guy she screams for is a worthless stain, but she still can't seem to get him off her brain. She complains to the sky asking why? Wont he gives us a try? Why does he lie when he knows he's her one and only guy? And she would rather die than to say their love has died and oh boy she has cried to help their love survive, but he has drived a nail into the heart he was trusted with, and underestimated her love and witt. Because it was her heart to be the one to commit. So even when he's gone she won't soon forget, because the heart he has broken will forever hold its debt. Because love goes unspoken when her heart has awoken with the love he's provoken leaving her to take his memory a token to move on from, because remembering him and what she's come from is having the strength to remind herself she is all done, and now she's on to the next one.


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