Its hard to let him go


He came into my worldAnd left me uneaseHe came back to my armsNow its hard for me to leave Hes the one i go to for helpWhenever im sadAnd pleases me with his adviceWhether its good or bad Im always by his sideI love how our relationship flowIt makes me wanna cryOf me letting him go I cant think of no more usBecause he means so muchHis kiss, his smileHis warm gentle touch The thought of losing himMakes me lose a part of meI lose all the great thingsThat made me feel with glee I love him so much. A little too much?It may seem outrageous...I can tell you from experienceThat love is contagious I cry only because I careI only cry for the people I loveMy family, my friendsAnd of course the man above Thank you for being a special part of lifeWeve been high and lowThe only thing that will break my heartIs actually letting you go 


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