On my arm lies the mark i made
When i was sad and i cut with a blade
In my heart lies the scars you left
When you walked away and left me with regrets
In my mind lies the thoughts of us
Being together and never apart
And in my hands lies the hope that fades
For loving you is now a wish to end

You left at a time where i needed you the most
And my eyes could see nothing but my goals go from bad to worse
I sat in tears from dusk to dawn
Just hoping to see you, so I'd stop my moan
But as days passed by, i lost my voice and i lost my tone
And that's when I accepted that you were gone..
I know i hate i was wrong i hurt you and failed you...but that never meant i stopped loving you

A glance in the mirror hurts my emotions
For im alone, a soul with a different preception
To what life and love may be..
I hope to see you walk a different road
Miss me not..for i am a soul forgotten
A fact undeniable...the end it is words are spoken.

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