We All Can't Live Without It

To live.

What can I live without?

A better question, what shall I live without?


So many things I wouldn’t miss,

my intelligence, Oreo’s, modern technology.


The possibilities, endless.


This is life's ways of making me think.

However, it's what I am thinking with

that affects everything.


It's understood that all living things need

a “heart”, per se, to live,

can't live without them.


Kicking the biology to the curb,

I believe I wouldn't be able to live without

my one and only heart.


I need my heart to love,

not only the things around me,

but also myself.

To love the things,

I was meant to love.


I need my heart so I

can know the difference between

right and wrong.

Between success and failure.

Between real,

and not real.


I need my heart

to guide my decisions.


My heart holds all the answers.

I'll never have to physically cheat,

my brain receives

out of sight



There's a saying,

that proclaims I

should think with my head,

not my heart.


Well newsflash:


My head is influenced by my heart.


I don't need a notebook of any sort

because my heart holds all the important memories.

No pen and paper required.


All the material things in life

tend to cloud around, losing myself in the fog

I forget

what I already have.


I have what will stay with me.

What will never run from me,

what I can't live without.


I have what grows along with me.

The source of my being

and what can lead to

my destruction.


I have what you have.


When it's attacked,

it's puts up a fight.

Only dying when it knows

it's time.


My beating heart,

My life long companion.

What I can't live without.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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