You Gave Me A Reason


You had given me every reason to hate you

And yet somehow I found within those reasons, a reason to love you.

A reason to believe you never intended to hurt me,

A reason to believe that when you said I was beautiful you meant it,

And a reason to believe you when you said I was different from the rest.


You gave me every reason to never trust you again.

And yet I molded a reason from your black clay of lies

to make them into a truth that I could trust.


Isn’t that what we always do?

Manipulate the lies into a truth we can handle

because we are too afraid to face the truth that will hurt us the most.


But now you have left me with nothing.

Yet again you have left my world barren,

Dry from the many tears that poured like streams from my eyes,

My eyes that your image has burned itself into.


And just as easily as you made me feel like I was the center of your universe,

Just as suddenly as I became your everything,

I became nothing…


Invisible to you,

neglected as if I was just another grain of sand,

dusted off your skin,

lost on the vast beach of the cares you never looked back on.


Our daily conversations became an extinct species of love,

Replaced with countless questions of why you don't even bother to say goodnight anymore.

Nights now spent wondering what did I do wrong?

Believing you couldn't have been the one at fault.


But now I see the truth hidden behind your skin,

forced to face it no matter how much I hate it.

I tried once yet failed twice

Two failures: one part love, one part trust.


I loved the wrong person and trusted them one too many times.

And now that I face the cold truth,

I can bask in the warmth, emitted from the great freedom of finally

letting go.



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