Remember Winter

I remember last winter,

You said it'd be alright.

I looked in your eyes for warmer weather,

But then the fire turned to ice.


What we once had, it was burning,

But now, the flame has gone away.

I used to see in color,

But now, I see in grey.


I can't find you where the light once shined.

It seems that darkness is all that's left.

There's not one song that can drown out your voice.

I still hear the words you said.


I close my eyes and try to see you.

I reach out just to touch your skin.

But what I see is only me alone,

And all I feel's the cold wind.


I remember last winter,

You said it'd be alright.

But then you left me to the weather.

Now I'm frozen in the absence of your light.


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