Guess it's true I'm not
Good enough, I don't understand

But I never really wanted you to go
I had to do it for myself
Second thought, I left I had to go
Because deep down I avoided you
Breaking my heart
you already did, you know what you were
Doing from the start making
Me think that you had a heart
Fine go be a piece of art and stand
Smile, oh- that's a nice pose
Did the cameraman capture that oh-
And there's me, off I go
Off you go, I'm saying off you go
Texting me at 2 a.m. saying how I'm dumb and slow simply because
I didn't realize you were in lust
And in that moment all you wanted was a little thrust

Guess it's true I'm not
Good- I'm great, go on, don't expect me to wait




You go girl:)! Getting rid of that guy who wasn't truly their for your heart is couageous and will benefit you well off in the end. It will set you free and give God some room to bring that real man that He made for your heart. God bless you on your journey to find true peace and love. Keep writing on my friend!


Thank you for noticing my poem. I wrote it last night since I just laid in my bed restless. It made me feel so much better. Crazy to think me and him (RJB) were only friends to begin with. Thank you again! :)

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