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When we first locked eyes that summer afternoon,

You left me, in the most innocent sense, breathless. 

I knew that I would fall in love with you

And I thought it was worth the risk.


You revealed yourself to me, taking me on a rooftop

You led me home and we shared our only kiss

On that night I accepted I was in love with you

You left me, in the most beautiful sense, breathless.


Your true colors showed under the Christmas lights, 

You abandoned me and I realized you aren't all the best.

Despite your cruel ways, I was still in love with you,

You left me, in the most heartbreaking sense, breathless.


I sat in a park, miles away from your embrace,

Noting we're as similiar as a chain linked fence.

Held together, yet sperated, allowing people to come between us

You left me, in the most painful sense, breathless.


Now it's 2:55 a.m. and gasps escape my lips, sobs held in,

as I grip my tosso to dull the pain, lying on the floor a broken mess.

You're still fine, and I'm still in love with you, stupidly

You've left me, in the most shattered sense, breathless.


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