Emotional Lust


United States
61° 12' 3.9528" N, 149° 32' 33.0576" W

I cried laughter and pain,

Memories rushed through my brain,

I wonder how I lost you.

Thinking ill have you back,

Times i tried and lack,

I still wonder how I lost you.

Seeing your love for me is gone,

Not a word from you is wrong,

It's hard to wait so long,

It's crazy how I lost you.

My mind flipped through switches,

My hands went through twitches,

Suddently realized why i lost you.

Being happier without me,

Replaced your love for me is crappy,

You broke off our promise,

You said no contact regardless,

My love was so blind,

You continue to show the signs,

I sat there and cried,

You only wanted to loose me.


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