You looked at me with love and lust,

Then i say no you leave me in the dust,

Didn’t i mean anything to you, 

I guess what they had been saying was true,

Had you met another girl, 

You made her your entire world,

With nothing left for you to say,

Your only words were “let's part ways”,

 I moved on so did you,

But let’s face it here's the truth,

You stayed on my mind,

No i wasn’t fine,

I wasn’t okay,

We loved you strayed,

You made a promise to never leave,

I didn’t see past the promises i was decieved,

My heart was broken i ran out of glue,

Honestly i didn’t know what to do,

I met another like none before,

He never swore the world or more galore,

But He held me close and never walked out the door,

Swore to love me rich or poor,

So this is to my spiteful ex,

Listen close ur karma’s next,

I wish you well have fun,

Because your karma isn’t done.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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