Our lives separate each other when the truth is spoken. If I could let you know who I am, a kiss goodbye from my heart would leave no soul or particle intact. My faith is shaking, holding on to one little strand.
Your love holds my dreams and keeps me believing. Die In my arms with your faith full of hope. I hope you find it, that special moment you yearn for. You know I’m already gone. Let the credits roll down; see if we appear hand to chest, love to heart and our love glowing. I hope you’re happy asking around to see if I’ll stay and live what your lies say. Find what’s around this bend and learn how you’ve lost my love, and how I’ve left you behind with no problem. The driveway is showing the tracks left behind. No. don’t come searching in the sky, for these clouds aren’t going anywhere.
Nothing hurts more than letting you go, but truth is I can’t think of what I learned right now, but I’ll thank you someday for holding my hand and keeping us together.


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