An Impossible Love


United States
33° 50' 49.1316" N, 117° 57' 15.0804" W

Your beauty is what brightens up my day,
but truly its your smile that takes my breath away.
I never met someone like you thats so full of joy.
Here I stand hoping you will notice this one boy.

You take my heart away at first glance,
so I wait idly by for my chance,
only to find out its to late for my advance,
your already apart of another romance.

I write this poem to you,
for we have to stay apart,
but you are one of the few,
that has stolen my heart.

But I feel as if I'm the only one trying to keep us together,
and I feel as if this will go on forever.
I'm sorry if I'm confusing you,
but it's only because I feel like I'm loosing you.

Sadness comes to my eyes
to see you with that other guy.
It's time for us to cut these ties
and its time for me to say my good-bye.


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