Time Isn't Gonna Wait For You


Like December,

Like tomorrow's coming down,

Shaking snowflakes to the ground,

While you're waiting in bed some more,

Cuz in November you were falling all around,

Leaves of every color now,

Indecisive as you were before,

But you gotta make up your mind, honey,

Time isn't gonna wait for you,

It's running past the chime,

To the finish line,

And all the way back to you,

It's the moment of truth,

What are ya gonna do?


Here comes January knocking on the door,

Wondering what you hold in store,

What you're gonna tell him one day,

Now it's February begging all to know,

Time is still not going slow,

He is starting to walk away.


C'mon now, he's beginning to March off,

Into April showers,

Stomping the May flowers,

Coming to stop under the moon,

And already it's the month of June,

Time was always in flight,

And beginning to fly,

Straight to the fourth of July,

Where his heart's fireworks will burst,

He won't love you anymore,

He doesn't think of you as before,

He was waiting,

He was waiting,

And he kept thinking he was doing it,

Throughout the hell days of August,

And the cold ones of September,

And the lost ones of October,

Till he reached that damn November,

Now it's return to surrender,

To the leaves of every color,

To the indecisive you.


You broke his heart in two.


Why couldn't you have said something, honey?

Time isn't gonna wait for you.


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