All I Remeber

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 00:32 -- genj26

I remeber the depth of my desires late at night, the craving for your warmth. I remeber you being so distant yet so close. The way you held me, your air tight hugs. I remeber our intimate long talks, and the way we shared thoughts about the future. Butterflies soared freely in the pit of my stomach. You may not know it but I knew secrects you thought you sealed away. I remeber you drawing closer to her as a lover and me drawing closer to her as a enemy. I loved you so much that my heart ached. I remeber knowing that you could slip away from me in a matter of minutes. And just as I predicted, you did. When I thought all the agony and pain was over, it wasnt. My new enemy became your new lover. And in the end all I remeber is the painful memories. Because the painful memories is all I have left of you.


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