She used to be so soft spoken
Now she puts up a front acting all tough
Raged because she feels used
And the world owes her something for leading her too be fooled and pulled into the reality of the true ending of a fairy tale
They aren’t always happy and Cinderella never really finds her prince
What is living happily ever after you have given up something so precious?
A life of innocence washed away by the touch of your soul and taken by the hands of a man that’s not here to stay
Mama always told her to wait till she was married to give that gift away
But all the music about lust and giving it up did not help her wait
All the friends who encouraged her and told her virginity is nothing to hold on to did not help her to wait
Now she’s alone with these blood stained sheets reminding her of the pain she felt when she let him deep inside her
Lying on her back he pushed his weight down on to her as he went deep inside her
She tried to push him off but the soft spoken sweet words he uttered into her ear brought her soul to a calm
And when he was done her heart fell numb
They all talked about how good it would feel
Didn’t know pain was involved at all
Now she feels ripped up and tore down
Scarred for life, with regrets that he will forever be in her memories as her first
She thought he was someone she could trust and love
But he stole from her
Like bees steel from the blooming flowers and now she’s un-pretty


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