when love is real it leaves you broken


They say it causes both emotional and physical exhaustion and pain...

That was enough to scare me away from it for so long- 

Love I mean-

I never let myself fall hard enough to get hurt.


Then I met you and tripped

and fell

and fell

there was no way to avoid it.


but y o u

you were so beautiful and kind

and broken

you could never hurt me...








brok e n

b ro ke n

br o k en


and you might never know

how b r o k e n 

it feels

to be broken 

by someone you l o v e d

and still love them



l o v e



but i hope you never feel like this

this b r o k e n

i hope you never get nauseous from the thought of me

i hope you never feel your soul aching

i hope you never to hear a song and have to get on the ground with your forehead against the tile

just to make the p a i n s t o p

i hope you never lose your appetite 

i hope youre always able to shower and sleep


i feel like im absolutely losing my m i n d

and i feel so w e a k

but as i suffer

i hope 


i pray

that your doing okay


o k a y . . .


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