I'll Fake It

And I tried not caring 

But this shit doesn't work.

Everytime I think about it, it hurts.

And it hurts worse

That you don't even care

I imagined life is game where players play fair

Stripped of my emotions

I no longer give a damn

Atleast that's what I tell myself

I try to imagine that I can.

But this shit dosn't work!

I still catch myself caring,

I try not to look your way,

But I catch myself staring.

I catch myself wishing and dreaming,

Hoping it could happen...

And right before I go red,

I smile from the dreams I'm having.

But I can't change your mind

No matter if I care or if I'm heartless

You'll never see me for the girl who was there when this started.

I'm just a body

A time consumer in the demeanor of your life.

I'm just a resting place when you get lonely at night

But since you'll never see me for more than a sexual cage, moody and frustrated...

I'll say I don't like you, when I love you.

Hate you when I miss you.

It's allergies, when I'm crying.

Tell you it's true, when I'm obviously lying...

Shit, I'll fake it. 


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