You're Only Mine

I had thought I had fallen for the right person 
But never did I know that I was wrong 
And I looked at the one that I was with 
And for sure I knew that I did not belong 
I gazed upon you and you looked upon me 
Have I ever seen a girl in such perfection?
And soon I was yours and soon you were mine
But little did I know I was the imperfection 
Then I became so happy because I was the one to hold you close
Then one day we separated and soon I wasn't what you chose 
I burned, and I died, when I had found out 
That someone else had the better chance to hold you 
And you would ask for my opinion and I secretly would not tell you 
That I only wish you to be mine 
You keep me wrapped around your finger 
And you know it 
You break me but I don't seem to care 
Yes I know it 
I want you, I'm wilting, I'm not breathing fine anymore 
You question my feelings 
But why do you do so 
When you question my feelings you lit me up in gasoline 
And now I'm drowned in fire 
Yet you are the one to pull me out to live 
But seem to be  the one to put me six feet underground 
You the desired rain during a drought 
And still ask me how I see you 
And I died every time I have to explain to you the gorgeous not beautiful your sweet smile is 
The rare not exquisite your personality is 
The beauty not ugly your lovely song is 
And I had thought , I really thought that I had fallen for the right person before
That is until I gazed upon you and I could have never loved anyone but no one else more



This is so raw and beautiful, thank you. 

Aloof White Rabbit

You're welcome!

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