There's nothing like that feeling of wanting somebody by your side,

Wanting to feel a touch of comfort by them,

No vice can cover up the emotions that courrpt my mind to make me think certain thoughts and have doubts in my heart.

I try to throw dirt on my emotions because there's so many possibilties for it to go wrong.

I just want a presence to make me feel like I'm not alone but the distance just takes hold.

I don't need love to survive, but I want it to know at least I can be comforted by it.

Each day that passes by I feel like this lonliness is eating me alive.

To see others with their loves, makes me just want to cry

I've been in love before by those ones weren't right.

My heart has taken so many hits, but still is ready to fight.

Suprisingly my compassion for wanting to love someone hasnt grown cold.

Everyones a lesson, thats all I've been told

My lessons have brought the real reality to my mind

People cheat, steal, and lie

Only to cover up their imperfections and needs

Theres a little lonliness in all of us

What we choose to fill the void is up to us.

Vices run out, Money can't make you happy, and at the end of the day

you just have yourself.

But what about me?

All i want is to turn the me into we.

Through tough times we can never break

We would never be alone

I'll be your vice, any drug of your choice

Smoke me , Inject me into your body

Let me make your heart beat, beat rapidly

Just relax your only feeling it for the moment

That lonliness escaped through this body high enjoyment

I'll never leave, I'm only here to please

Your new addiction, so sweet



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