Will You Ask Me To Stay?

Will you ask me to stay?


I don't know what went wrong,

We were supposed to last long.

I tried my very best,

But you ended up just like the rest.

I gave you all I had,

I didn't mean to make you mad.

I waited three years for you,

Six more months is all you had to do.

Won't you just talk to me?

I feel like there's something wrong with me..

Was it all just a waste of time?

I miss you being mine.

You made me feel loved and appreciated,

then one day it just became outdated.

Those were the best two years,

Now I'm just full of regret and fears.

Love, will I ever again sustain?

Questions with no answers to obtain.


Will you ask me to stay?


I've already been replaced, forgotten, deleted..

Unforgettable doubts, thoughts, and dreams being repeated.

I fought for you like no other,

But now you've found another.

The love I still have for you will always show,

The feeling just continues to grow.

Do you feel me when you touch her?

Does it all just become a blur?

Questions continuously going through my mind,

Answers that I'll never be able to find.


Will you ask me to stay?


I'm sorry my emotions were scattered and all over the place.

Why couldn't you just say it to my face?

This letter is like my emotions in every way.

It's okay, you won't read it anyway.

I can't look at anyone the way I looked at you.

I want to hide it but it's all too true.

How do you do it? How is it so easy?

Everytime I feel happiness without you, I feel uneasy and queasy.

Your beautiful face, I wish I could see,

But I know you wouldn't be caught dead with me.

Please just give me a proper good-bye,

Don't wait until I finally die.

Is it too much to ask, just face to face?

January 1st, the very last case.

I'll be gone the next day,

Will you ask me to stay?

Please ask me to stay.

Just ask me to stay.



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Sara Watford

She didn't ask me to stay..

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