Someone Else

She was always by my side,

And she took away my pain.

She fixed all of my brokenness

That was trapped inside my brain.

She shone brighter than a star,

But our love was all in vain.

She left when I was broken,

My soul a tattered mess.

She took my heart with her,

And my sanity failed its test.

She promised to be with me,

And it put my pain to rest.

She found another guy,

One who helped her cope.

She fell in love with him,

And stole away my hope.

She tells me to find another one,

And stop being such a mope.

I can’t handle this loss,

My brain is shutting down.

I picture her in my mind,

But she just can’t be found

She left with someone else,

And ringing is the only sound.


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