Emotionally Dead


I’m sorry I ruined it all,

I'm sorry that I wasn’t strong enough

And now I just seem to stumble and fall,

Over these emotions ruining my brain,

If all this continues I promise

I’ll be depressed and insane,

Now you're gone and I feel empty,

I don’t think my own mother even knows how to feel,

But now i just sit in this sadness and begin to peel,

Off these different parts of all my emotions to stitch them together

To create some sort of face,

To make a non-sad teenage boy

Who every girl uses as a toy

But fails to see how my insides are cracking,

While every girl puts my heart on the ground and begins whacking

It until it's shattered.


Over and over my pain repeats,

So I try over and over to recreate myself

Until i'm no longer the same person I was before,

All because I fell for someone

I used to adore,

Now I'm a shattered person,

Who nobody seems to know anymore

Who doesn’t want to do anything with their life

And wants to go away from this toxic planet

In search of his true happiness


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