A Sleepless Night

Late one night, tossing and turning, I can’t sleep

A lot on my mind, with no one to wail to

Watching my beam of light, sleep so peacefully

One thought that sticks out with an annoyance

You, my love, my best-friend, the girl of my dreams

Wondering y, you aren’t lying next to me

Pondering, if I still make your heart beat fast

Thinking how much of an impact, you instill on my life

Contemplating if I should leave things, how they are

Realizing how much I miss you, yearn for you, and need you

Battling these repulsive destructive ideas of us

Repeating over & over to myself, that it could be worse

Trying to figure out where things went wrong and why

Facing the reality of forever loneliness, I’m Drowning in my seclusion

I suddenly glance at the clock, its 01:43

A lot on my mind, with no one to heart to heart with

Staring at my breath of life, dreaming so serenely

Another thought that makes me frustrated

Love, a feeling of strong affection for a person

Heartbroken, because I did everything, I could to make you content

Distraught, because the pain is so unbearable

Rejected, because he wants you, but I crave you

Disturbed, because this isn’t the first sleepless night

Worried, about you and my angels

Confused, about what’s next for us

Late one night, after the tossing and turning

After the crying and sobbing

After the racing and rushing thoughts

I glance at my Hershey Kiss, smiling beautifully

He is my antidote as I continue to doze off


DeNikAriJai 4-15-2015

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