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Ms. Ms. Hailey.  Come Ms.  Ms. I need your help  Ms. why didn’t I get full marks? Ms. turn on the AC. I like your shirt. 
Missing someone.A mother, a mentor, an adored one.Whose love I relished since i was a little one,The best teacher, to me she's the ONLY ONE!
Thank you teacher ,for your kind gesture. You reached deep in my heart, and encourages me to start. You polished me ,and I found what I could be. You made me a way ,to give me a better day.
Do you know the importance of teachersThat question is a lesson in itselfHow do you learn to achieve wealthReceive a doctorates or even a black belt There’s a great teacher aroundGreat with a ball or maybe a wrenchThere’s a great teacher aroundPre
A swift movement of her hand the booming tone of her voice there was no doubt about it she indeed loved what she did
Tiny Humans Running, jumping, climbing. Taking in the world. Drinking it up Like dry deserts in the rainy season.
today,  she reminded me of pink lemonade -  the perfect cool-down on a warm summer's day. other days, she made me think of honey -  sweet and pure and very, very rich, 
To be called upon by a force of art Requires strength challenging to possess. To create and contribute to this force and its atmosphere
Waking each day,  a coffee to drink a teacher at dawn   Meeting in the middle,
I balanced my back Flat. In looong grass. Felt the tickle of butterflies landing on my tummy And with the dandelions that sway in the field
The endless pages of my sketchbook are filled with ducks Big ducks Small ducks White ducks Purple ducks And eerily incomplete ducks  
I love the teachers that teach, The teachers that write in scrawling letters that Dance around the whiteboard with colors clashing.
I call him Shifu As he is my instructor. And yet, he is much more than that. He is my inspiration, And my motivator. He is my biggest fan,
At a time of indecisiveness, I was lost and unsure. It was a year when I felt the pressure and anxiety Of not knowing what I wanted.
You shine in the abyss,  A beckoning brightness beaming  Forth with advice and encouragement.    You pull me aside after class  And softly, subtly, smilingly 
I am one of over 100 You see You are one of only seven I see Five days a week 45 minutes a day
Standing, eyes watching my every move, faces dull by the awaiting speech The room silent... sufficating, the sound of the air con is heard is one of the two sounds that is heard
He is the best of the best. No one can compare. "Too bad he's just a dumb pancake," they say. But he's not. He's more.   He is a creator. He tells stories, Builds worlds,
Those black and white keys That every person sees Is significant to me One woman changed my life When lessons began one night When life became depressing She was my biggest blessing
You are  music to many. You teach  You inspire You love You are  a song on repeat.  
It's always been an educator.
They called you a mean little old man, They said the old man gave to much work for them to stand And yet they could not understand The helping hand that was meant for them too land   But I knew the truth
They called you a mean little old man, They said the old man gave to much work them to stand And yet they could not understand The helping hand that was meant for them too land But I knew the truth
The General looked as the ground shook. No panic as we knew what is coming Face the enemy, the finest and cunning We use the silence for our drumming. Facts as spears, logic bombards the rear
Mrs. Anne, thank you for being weird and wacky, Teaching me that having fun at school is not tacky. Without you the days of my senior year would be dull, Even if your lectures occasionally exceed an earful.
Truthfully you're a vampire, You must be thousands of years old with centuries of knowledge Yet you decided to come to my school. With all those centuries of ideas
faced with indecision    i always turned to you for a frank discussion           about what i should do you never answered with derision                 but advised with great repect
In eighth grade, I was new and alone. The best part of my school day was when I got to go home. There were things about me that most teachers didn’t approve of,
I felt trapped, Four walls, a prison with no escape in sight. I was scared, and I never learned my crime. My cellmates would laugh and talk as if nothing was ever wrong,
From the moment of my birth My first everything was with the fam My ma and pa, my first teachers What do you mean to me? I got my morals from you And so much love to share with the world
Small. I began as a shy and scared student. But you slowly brought me from the shadows and taught me to be myself. You gave me the power to sing and dance for hundreds.
You were a general, And we, your willing soldiers; I knew from day one That I would follow you Anywhere. You led us into battle, Not against others but Against ourselves.
It only takes one person to influence another. A teacher is a great example. A teacher's words can guide and inspire. A teacher can come into one's life at the right time. A teacher uses experience to influence.
I watch the birds fly above me, Feeling left out and alone.  So when you choose to fly around me,  I suddenly feel I belong.   You float by gently capturing my attention, Beautiful as my favorite song,
Jumped, elated, I impressed the other kids You directed that need to impress into logical competitions- imprinted the impression that elevated expression was a channel for my intention Laughed, animated, I used humor to harm
My teacher once told me he was 'in the winter of life'. And how beautifully tragic it seemed at first that we are all seasons.
Mentor was what refered to you First thing on my mind was always you Yet what exactly have you done? You've always risen higher than I had ever hoped You were a beacon of light with no such awareness
First time that I ever read deeply  She took my mind to heights and depths  I had not been able to comprehend  taught me to speak out and develop strong words and sentences  not just to read into texts 
Eyes glazed over like there's a dead girl inside a barely functioning body. It makes people uncomfortable, but most never question why, like bad stuff doesn't happen in this neighborhood.
Poetry to me is not some Centipede     -Not just a little Inconsequential-     But rather a place Where I can face
Power Dynamics are strange. We would like to think that everyone is equal to everyone, But in reality We are all bouncing from one power dynamic to the other Never truly finding equality between partners
My teacher is a tyrant We must obey his rules. And when we are disorderly He says that we are fools.  
Dear Stephanie AKA Momma lovebug,   When I used to walk into room 302 there were various desks everywhere. There was mckenzies and david's right next to each other on the left side.
My seventh grade students are the noisiest, making 4th Period Reading Block difficult. I enforce silence with  "mandatory individual reading". Thirty minutes of bliss.  
This is stupidYou are dumbMe saying these thingsMakes you feel numbI act out Because you don't hear meSo pay attentionOr I'll go crazyYou don't want meI didn't ask to be hereTreat me like I'm specialSo I don't make you fearMissing me when I'm gone
In first grade, I was the bright girl with almond eyes,My eyes quite brown, even amber in the sunrise, My skin always tan, bronze from summers of swimming,And the endless hiking,    
Firefighters help in many ways Putting out the fires everyday To keep us safe throughout the day Firefighters helps us every day Doctors help in many ways Looking at patients every day
  Whose shoes these are I think I know. Their feet have not returned yet, though. With blankets scattered there and here, The mess will only grow and grow.
Appreciated by many, cherished by some, loved by a few, I go on in life to learn something new, And I know that if it weren't for you, I'd be lost without a clue. 
A guest here – this isn’t my school these aren’t my students and “I would let you work in groups but your teacher said not to.”  
I get up every day for my kids, my twenty-five kids.  I get up to see their ah-has! Their lightbulb. I get up to protect them and provide for them, when they have to protect and provide for their siblings. 
On midday, after school, a boy picked up a beautiful guitar the color of sunset; He tuned it and proceeded it play it, to play the music of his life, the sounds of his soul, he relieved all his stress.  
lit is lit the written word the modern expression lit is lit am i horse or girl misinterpretation despite careful deliberation must get five must get five a juggler
The novelty of a girl with a fresh pressed uniform. The novelty of a man whose passion drove him to an old broken down school. Everything about this new hero screamed color and life.
I think it's officially my lifeI hear original narratives and think of all the people going through strifeIt's plaguing their lives and here I am writing about my #FirstWorldProblems
Quiet desolation Unborn innovation Plateaued potential of the mind As simple as a sentence
I walk into the library, but I do not read.I make lists and lists for someone else to read.They may read it on time, or they may read it late.Am I a student or a teacher? I walk into the classroom, ready to learn.But sometimes I don't.I carry pape
Unknown to you, teacher, I'm here to say the class hates it.The way you teach, and how many things you can assign in a week.The class hates you, we have no need to debate.Because every day we sit there, quietly.
Tyler Roolf   Shenango High School   Class: 2017         My Inner Demons  
In the 11th grade my English teacher gave me a pen. The pen was smooth and elegant with a digital clock on the end of it. He told me that he saw potential in my writing.
Dear Teachers, The answer is no, I did not do my homework last night. “Why?” You ask, waiting for an excuse that will be dismissed before the words leave my lips.  
Jesus was known as the Great Teacher.Performing miracles was his best feature.He taught us how to enter God's kingdom and live in paradise.If we love Jehovah God and live by his rules, that will suffice.
Thanks for teaching us about the Spartens and taking one for the team by wearing Dr Martens. Thank you for giving us tips on how to get free food. I dont care what they say ...you're a cool dude.
  My family and I Are all very close The 7 of us Go day by day living life   Experiencing new Georiga And all the fun things to do We love living here And being together  
Remember when you first started school
You say we are selfish That we are spoiled and it's eating youth. You say that it's hard, that we should just learn the truth. When you were in our positions, what's it feel like to cough 24/7?
~Dedicated to Courtney Bennett, my 9th grade physical science teacher~
My skin is the skin that God put me in on the day that was the day of the 17th in the month of November the year being the one-thousand nine-hundred nintey-seventh year Anno Domini....
I draw your world,  But you fill it with color.
  I fight off fires and inspire the young minds to no longer live blind.  No, I am not a firefigher. I protect and reject crimes in order to prove that life can be sublime.
She walks the halls with her arms wrapped around her books that are strapped to her chest.  Everyone makes fun of the way she is but her posture tells a story few will ever know. 
We've always heard it's for your best  They've always told us to try our best once in a while we get discouraged  we want them to know but never show it the work gave to us is hard and long
Yes, Of Course, Please, and Thank You, The United States Department of E-D-U, Yes, Of Course, Please, and Thank You, In their grand benevolence is delighted to do, Yes, Of Course, Please, and Thank You,
Teachers teach us all different things There's English teachers And Spanish teachers Some who teach math And some who teach science Others teach us the history of our world   But these
Girl.If you get any stronger,Your arms will get to swollen,Then your stomach never will.   
They don’t teach you not to be small.I’ve been in a million classrooms that teach us not to get too big and make sure we exercise enough.Never have I heard, “Don’t get too small.”
Poetry! Oh poetry! Roses are red.  I'm feeling kind of blue.  My teacher says,  "Get out your pencil,
Just because I am not a perfect student Doesn’t mean I'm not trying Just because I said your being a hag Doesn’t mean I meant it
T  eaching is the job for me E  ducating teens with intensity A  ll the while instilling integrity
Gentle rolling was heard past the paper thin walls.
To walk into a room, the walls adorned with art, poets words  are begging to fall into papers below.     This is what I want to do.    
The money isn't great, that's what they say,The jobs is hard, that's how they feel,Do you really want to be apart of this, is all they ask.
It starts as a nightmare   Being pushed into a classroom Saying goodbye to mommy and daddy And finding a stranger who looms In front of the classroom, all friendly   A painful process  
I want to teach It's my future goal and my childhood game I can become a teacher But . . . is there more I can see the world It's in books and on tv I can hear it so clearly
Ever since my adolescent years, I knew what Life destined me to be Life, reciting a few words of wisdom, confidently proclaimed “I have your key” This well-polished key was the gateway to the enticing door that read “SUCCESS”
It is here that I feel complete... Not bored, but entertained, not routined, but spontaneous.    I'll be taller then the youngsters, and not just because I am tall!  
Concerned hand Shoots up Riddled with Purple tracks along Vein’s corridors indicating Another kind of shooting Eyes glassy yet aware Functioning child Unknowing of what his
  A father in continuous labels               Slumped by life’s merciless challenges             Transcended every failure
Smiling faces everywhere How could I go wrong? Laughing children, faces fair A place where I belong   This job is so rewarding Passing knowledge onto youth Wouldn't trade it for a thing
I will not be a millionaire by the time it is all said and done But I hope to have touched at least one single life Whether that be a child, or a parent of a struggling child Being a teacher, it is not made for everyone
I fear the day my daughter turns 14 And tries to suck on a lollipop in class— Because a girl in her class will Be a slut just like her mother And will make a comment suggesting
Get yourself an education. Close your mind and close your eyes. Pull out all your pens and paper. Save your whos and whats and whys.   Schools'll suck your soul like candy.
A simple job, low pay I'd make my career and some day change the world how you say? a simple idea spread to lighten their minds from that dull grey spreading knowledge with art
I can’ t paint with a brush  that well, But I know how to paint with a pen and an ink well. My words form pictures that pictures themselves couldn’t describe. Your photograph may be worth 1000 words.
Growing up, we were asked to choose Doctor, Lawyer, and Princess too. There was only one job that I Ever thought could change my life And still be enough.   Reading, writing, critical thinking.
Teaching new students’Telling us about everythingTransforming the world   Enriching our livesEducating our futureExpanding our minds  
From the day you were born, you've been feeling vile scorn, for the future they say is so bright. The school that you stay in, The church that you pray in, Just trying to snuff out the light.
i live for sunshine,  not in the sky but lighting up faces  like christmas tree lights strung on a tree,  and the star on top is lost in their vibrant eyes.   i live for
My parents said my desired career was not fit for this world. They said I will not make enough money to live. I want to change the world. I want to BE somebody. Do they not understand?
My dream job.... A teacher... I would teach German, and French, Spanish, and Russan. The beauty of languages is powerful. Can make peace, Can make war, Can seperate,
Rebecca Shane               Riveting steel talons             Slung over your shoulders             Blood red blotches             Stain your soles  
Ever since I was younger, I was taught to wonder- "What do you want to be when you're older?"   I've changed my mind, what seems to be a million times, but now that I'm almost 17,
One thing that I would change, would not to be for my life to be re arranged, from bedtime stories, to a goodnight kiss, these are the things that I really do miss. Days go longer, without my father,
Excellent Monster Boy Assesses Random Radioactive Asphalt. Serious Salmonella Eerily  Declassified. To this acrostic, do not pay any mind,
Ive always had such a passion for little kids seeing them running around and laughing. The joy of them has always put a smile on my face their smiles make me feel a warm fuzzy feeling.
A great man said once “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.” Many people have many dreams, and many dreams are to serve others. I am selfish. I wish to be served.
Not being able to hear.     Not being able to see.          This does not mean you are usless and weak.                      You are still normal to me.                      And I wish to teach you.
Music is my only aspiration
Kindness is helping make plans, pushing to chase dreams It's helping to throw a pebble in a racing stream.  The pebble doesn't stop the stream, but when it's joined by two or three it makes a difference can't you see.
My teacher once told me The snow absorbs sound And that is why in winter When the air is cold And comes out in puffs The world is silent And any sound is muffled By a heavy crystal blanket
Standing there Talking to a student My teacher Is making A new world.   She is as White As the moon.   But she talks to Us, Black people, Like we were
Beth & Natalie No words strong enough in tragedy, Loving you with every breath. Forevermore, watching over us
It only took a matter of minutes to sniff out my identity.
Texas History Class in seventh grade blonde-haired blue-eyed coach is our teacher, hooray but what happens when he starts to talk about gays? to say that my cousin "Won't turn out right" because he has two mommys
You,  who stand there and look me in the eye.  You dare say I, 
Ms. C, my favorite thing about writingIs taking time to really decode it,But in your class I’m frequently fightingWhen you imply that all our thoughts are shit.You lecture us, but last year Ms. K taught.
Stuff  I Can't Say To My Teacher What many things they are ,
Teacher: the definition? Can you define it for me please? Is it to feed our minds? Or help up us on our way? Maybe it means to give some hope, A person who makes us want to stay.
"Teacher, teacher don’t let me down. For we both hold my future in hand And don’t let your end hit the ground."   "Teacher, teacher don’t let me slip. Encourage me to believe that I have skills
Technology is cool when you see it on TV, hear about it on the radio, but we just spent too much money for shit that we don't need.   The fancy calculators, the dumb
They told me I needed to write a five-paragraph essay. We took our first standardized tests in third grade. They taught us what a good sentence was, and what a bad sentence was.
Here's our school spirit Yeah, you gotta hear it echoing through the halls. Dead silence because filth and violence are the main events this fall   We represent our lovely school
You said, "email me with your concerns, I will respond as soon as I can." It's amazing how far from the truth this is I am not some unimportant fan.   This matter is important and cannot wait
In your minds, we're all the same.We the students, you our masters.You do no wrong; who are we to blameWhen suddenly comes a disaster?This is not realistic, not at all,
It started with a sharp point and a pink ball on the other side. My thoughts wonder wonderously as the minute hand laps the hour hand. As my heart synced with the clicking of the clock's minutes so did my hand to my heart and mind.
The days pass as things around me continue spiral down. You notice as all my smiles turn into frowns, as your classroom becomes a haven from a weight to heavy to hold you listen as I explain the reason for my cloths long soiled.
  i am as sweet as a peach that has fallen from a tree  not because the wind blew but because it was ment to be  i carry intellegence within me, although few people may know,
Teacher these days are just ignorant They like to teach us stuff we already know. When you correct them, you suffer a consequence, Or you could just go Outside and miss the whole lecture,
Hey, teach, I wanted you to know something I wanted to tell you all about the kind of shit I’ve been through over the years How I’ve seen the inside of the psychiatric ward and made friends with the other kids there
Another worksheet that I will not need past high school. Yeah, I understand that school is not meant to be “cool.” But how is the Pythagorean Identity going to better my life?
Mister, Mister hear all about it! We come to your class every single day Just to hear you say...NOTHING! You look at us like we're circus clowns, and continue to just tear us down. We tell you we don't understand,
Dear Mr. American History:   Your tie: red white and blue, representing the noose of oppression you pledge yourself to.
I think a thought that's full of things,
I did not ponder on what not to sayBecause I would say it anywayas the words came outI had no doubtI knew I was rightI knew all alonghis face was quite a sightwhen I yelled "You're wrong!"  
welcome to hell. it is also sometimes known as high school.      
A misplaced smirk sneaks onto my face as I enter the sea-foam walls of my tenth-grade Spanish class.   I remember last year, collecting coveted A’s on crisp paper as my older classmates
Simply edu
The time is here Its the start of a new year All schools are preparing For children to being with their horse playing Teachers are saying that learning is key But all we know to argue and ask why?  
The class giggles
    I am a student at Space Coast High School,
Oh teacher,oh teacher,How lost we each are. Both reaching,both searching,knowing we are not truly showing who we are. Will they listen now?Will they react now?Are their signs on how they fare?
High school was hard for me, I felt my teachers were blind to see,
How do you expect us to conform to buying your books? How do you expect us to rest well? How do you expect us to eat properly? How do you expect us to arrive on time? How do you expect us to become great people?
Like all before me,
How Dare You Say I am too young To see and feel and think the way I do How Dare You
You're trying to teach me? Then why do you put down my solid efforts?   Why do you tell me to be quiet when my mind fires ideas  and my heart fills with emotion when I'm for once passionate 
Working together is what we should do, Giving a helping hand can be more than you think. Speaking of our goals and how to achieve them makes a difference. Energy is formed from within ourselves to strive for them.
I read the posters I look at my shoes I look at the clock I doodle on my paper never once do I look at you Teacher...
Hey teacher, teacher I bet you never saw this coming I bet if I told you you'd think I was lying Cleverly disguised Behind beauty and brains But see with more than your eyes Angel by day
Dear teacher I wish you would teach the kids the why’s behind what you say.Dear teacher I wish you would show the kids how they should behave a certain way.Dear teacher I wish you would stand up for what you believe.
No more printed worksheets,  no more downloaded lessons, I want you to stand up and teach the class. Unglue your eyes from that computer of yours, and stop texting that person on your phone,
Dear Teachers That Suck, You see me sit in silence You see me (try to) ace your class You see me waving to you in the halls You see me suck up You think I'm too nice to be angry
Stuff you can't say to your teacher is...  hello your class is very boring & half of your class is snoring You're not teaching the material right & I hate the way you write Your breath really smells
Tenure gives you no right...,
Miss(ed) Teacher By: Arianna Peralta Teacher, teacher why are you late?
  Dear Teacher,
Sitting at a desk, listening to a teacher
You sit here at your desk, Marking up C- papers and Yelling for silence. As kids throw pencils, Some doze off, While others don’t even bother showing up. You buy all materials
Student: Thump, tap, scratch, groan,                 Clock sounding ticking tock ticking.                 Sigh, glance, slouch, count,                 Steps and monotonous lectures.
Fifth period English is my favorite class. It’s funny sometimes when big kids don’t pass. The teacher is really loud and sometimes cray.
The homework papper cuts us dry, sitting in your office to hear you cry. guess nobody wore cloths today, i did'nt join in, they called me gay. kids ask me "you got somthin to say?",
To gain one's respect, you must first show respect. Whether you are a teacher or student, you mustn't select. Age is not a limit but people tend to forget. When you forget respect, you will live in regret.
What is something you can't say to your teacher? Is it a thing or an action? A place or person? A problem or an obstacle? A struggle or problem? To tell you the truth we can tell all of this
I am a student with a matching face and worn frayed edges at the bottom of my pants, I may blend in with the other faces, but I am a sunbathed rock in a river of rocks,
If you had known At the time In that very moment That you had killed a little part of 8-year old me, Would you still have done it? And said what you did? In front of who you did?
What can't be seen on the inside is  the audacity of learning What a beautifully, treacherous thing The script calls for a master,  but life has taken the mastery out of the art  
You're here for a reason. You serve a great purpose. So why through the seasons haven't you breached the surface? In a class full of many, I feel like one person not of the student body but isolated and searching 
So I am leaving soon anyway And you won't see me another day.
There once was a homecoming game Whose affiliation I wish to declaim It made us all squirm for it starred a pachyderm. And my high school's rep became lame.  
You want to feed my mind but i leave class hungry. You sit in class and teach but I cant pay attention. I dont understand why i fail, which is so funny. I try and use the bathroom but i need your permission.
I wandered around for as long as I could rememberSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterOops! Did I just messed up on the sequence of seasons?Oh yes I did! Now what can you do to me,O great teacher?
Grasping for air that my lungs desire  as i pull the tear drops back inside Camoflaging the dark clouds that hover above me When will you acknowledge the darkness  that surrounds my inner walls?
I got the letter for summer reading, and decided not to waste my time Eyes widen    I didn't forget to do it, I didn't want to  Lips tighten   Can you speak quieter I'm trying to sleep
Get to know me I go to school to pursuit my dream I am a student that is on a one man team I have priorities
I walk the halls, getting one last look at the walls. They've never looked so pretty, as I imbed them into memory.   I can still hear the screams, and see the lights beam, as I stand alone,
To whom it may concern, It is healthy food for which i yearn. For it's called chicken but looks like a log. Then after we eat, we continue to learn in fog.
 You could hear her heels click as she walked.
I may be dark but I am not stupid. What you expect based on my skin color,
  Teacher, teacher, don’t you understand?
You pretend that you know
Tears drip,
I did not come here to watch chalk dust collect on that blackboard. I did not come here to watch you watch us watch a video about something you can't explain. I did not come here to memorize the quadratic formula.
I sit in my class surrounded by numbers Waiting for an explanation, but still ending with wonders How does this work, and what to do next Why does math have to be so complex?
    I’m in your class everyday  But you don’t know me Despite what you say No grade can tell you who I am I’m not one of your pets who will sit and cram  
You think the world revolves around you, as most college professors do.  Really? Hell, I have a lot more things on my mind than your class. Tutoring. Eating. Working. Surviving.
I watch her sitting there in class,Her hand on her chest.And I feel a twinge of sympathyFor I know she needs to wretch.
Down the halls its hard enough “Fag” “Gay” “Queer, that’s never enough Into the locker my face gets stuck A teacher walks by and gives me a shrug   Finally in class In the middle I sit
Dear Teacher, I need to tell you something, but I don’t know how to.   Dear Teacher, Where do I begin?   Dear Teacher,
Excuse me Miss Please stop asking me the same questions over and over I know my assignments are late I know some things aren’t turned in Truth is when I get home I don’t want to think about school
How can I learn to trust that you'll be there If I need you when I'm hurt or betrayed or scared, When most of your species only turns a blind eye To what goes on in this place, like it's sanctified.
I come to school ready to learn wishing this day could be adjourned, I'm tired from the day before, a long workout which left me sore. My teacher is here, why not a sub? She aggravates us all, treats us like scrubs.
Why must we fight  Instead of being  friends Why must we fight For what reason should it be Why must we fight When we're all the same Why must we fight Just because someone is different
To hear, if only I could hear. To hear those words so soft and fruitful. To hears suchwords when I am youthful. Time goes by and so does this rhyme, but riddle me this,
As an adult I respect you, As a person, not so much. Not because of the way you dress, Or because of the low grade you gave me On the essay that I spent three weekends trying to write.
A person may holds the power To mold all our lives They all do not understand The power inside To keep the class mind idle Knowledge will slide out A teacher must let students'
This school was created for US They were ment to serve our needs as blacks Now you tell me I'm not good enough I'll never be equal I'll always have to work harder, be better
I know I'm not stupid, I just seem to barely pass.  It's not that I don't try, it's because I'm not Her, the one in my class.  She is funny, hilarious in fact.  I just sit in the corner, not knowing how to act.  Her hair flows, skinny jeans show h
I'm not just a number,  I sit here and wonder, Does my teacher even know my full name? I don't care about your personal problems. I'm having high school problems with a teacher who thinks I'm a grade.
As I sit in this class, And you speak of many things. Time comes to pass, As I try to hold the knowledge you bring.   Eyes fighting the urge to close, Attention starts to stray.
Oh teacher, oh teacher, put your phone away. Don't tell me in your "first day of school teacher tell all" that you are a stickler for the rules, and then text while we sit her and take notes.
We're not the Past We're your Past We wear diapers We play with dolls We dress up We shoot toy guns We build out of blocks We make mud cakes We talk to our imagination
  You don’t know my name Been in here a whole fucking year Fifteen kids plus me I know I don’t talk But do you notice I listen? No texting under the desk Shouldn’t be personal
I sit here in my seat listening to your speal.Courtesy courses through my veins,a passive look plastered on my face.I hate this class I think in my head.I can’t even focus, not a chance.
You are the shackles to my oppression, more similar to my depression You say I can't succeed just as it says I can't be free I am oppressed and depressed.  
I drag my weary body off of the rock they call a bed, pull on my shit-stained boots, exhausted even though I must have slept. Slathering on make-up, I hide the bags and effectively put on my mask.
Twain says not to let school Interfere with learning. Well, teach, I've gotta say You are getting in my way.    I need to learn: how to think, How to live, how to be.
Work, sweat and sometimes cry, deadlines are coming and the only thing not stopping is time. Submit your work and close your eyes.   Take a deep breath and feel like you made it.
Slaying privateers with my blunderbuss, The queen's lap dogs surrendering without a fuss,-- Remember this for the test: PV=nRT-- I took their ship, not caring if I was brusk.   I can't seem to shake her.
tell us that we're wrong as we sing and preach the right song.   tell us that we're right and then you keep us in your sight.   tell us that you care
We have one tutor, for a class of kids. How do you expect me, to learn like this?   One tutor to do all of this? You hardly even make it down your list.   I like you a lot
i can't focus because i'm staring at your ass during my advanced honors english class you talk about oedipus and wuthering heights i wonder if you notice my new lace tights the smell of coffee on your breath
There's a tassle jacket on our teacher, Crocs with socks, a standard feature. Sure we know him, he talks history. Why he wears that vest, however? A mystery.   He rants about the Greeks,
She talks to me Talks to us Like we're brats She walks in with an air of snobiness and speak with thinly veiled vanity The first time we met The first time she met us
I think that you shouldn't expect us to know everything or pay attention all the time especially if you are going  to ramble about an irrelevent subject.   We should also have lessons of life
Dear teacher, I love psychology I truly do.And I always turn in my homework whenever it's due. When handing out assignments keep in mind I'm a young soul, I like to go out on Friday nights I'm just twenty-two years old. I enjoy reading about Pavlo
EXUSES ARE FOR THE WEAK FOR THE LAZY AND THE MEEK. thats what my teacher says to me. yes sometimes MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK just doesnt fly. but tell me why, tell me how,
Who are you? I'm your mind and your friend What have you done? Open and walk you through your world Thank you for what you have done   who are you?  Your driver your te'cher  
They tell us the truth will set you free, So you should hear the truth from me, That student sitting in the first row, Who always seems to look and know, So brace yourself, Get ready dear,
When I was in eleventh grade, I had an English teacher who made me want to be a teacher... because she was so useless that I didn’t learn nothing from her.   Well, I guess that’s not exactly
Don't you talk to me. I don't like the way you teach. Your class makes me sleep.
Don't you talk to me. Are you sure that you can teach? This class makes me sleep.
I hate this, loathe it with a passion. Why must I write an essay on something that means nothing to me. When I write I offer you a part of me, please let me give you a part that matters.
I'm drowning. I can't keep my feet on the ground. I say "save me from this pain." But things just remain the same. There's no one else to blame for the scars on my skin. I don't think I can win. I can't hold on any longer.
The moments are closing in, Time is running short. You still haven't answered the question that lingers in the air. Must a teacher talk in circles when they do not know the truth.
Day 1: My feet hit the cold tile and my eyes strain at the board. I hear your monotonous bore, I think, I think, no more. I am just another one of the horde.   Day 2: The straps pull at my back
               You saw the ache under her artifical simper  yet you sat and said nothing as her eyes plead for a cure to relive this agony form her casket everyday you watched her tear bare her skin in hopes of becoming free of her hollow soul and
Dear Mr. So and So, I know it must be confusing. A black girl! In an AP class! What a rare sight to see... Like a... pygmy hippopotamus... shitting out a rainbow... in the Amazon.
You see me here In this dumb chair Making jokes with my peers This ain't even fair   I don't get it Was that a joke? Can't we just quit I may croak!  
A teacher is a teacher, plain as that, Certainly not someone whom you’d want to engage in your group chats. But where do you go when you need a lending ear, When your once closest friends are suddenly nowhere near?
You sit in the front while we're stuck in the back,  what is this lesson on? oh yeah, you don't even know.. You're whack! I'm trying to learn will you please teach? "Child sit down, quit being a leach!"
You know what? I've had it. Its time you hear the truth. And if you really don't care to hear it, Then fuck off, because this one goes out to you.   See I've got other things to do,
Teacher, teacher, I have something to say you have a lot of studies but none help you're helpless when it comes to teaching I should know maths, but you aren't helping!  
I’ve stood by my superiors like a soldier, Standing up and sitting down at their command. I’ve happily served them, even as I grew older, As the hourglass sadly filled up with sand.  
  Listen! Do you hear that? To the words of the unspoken, To the one, who no one sees, To the child who everyone questions, To the innocent who no one understands,
Every day she walks alone, through the drabby halls. Whispers follow her wherever she goes, as though they come from the walls. She pulls the sleeves of her hoodie further and further down,
. While you look at me through those black square glasse's Im glancing at the clock wishing I could skip your classes. You room is so boring so drab and so brown, There's nothing I can do other than frown.
    Finally I get to tell you how I’ve always felt about you teacher Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the words.
As I walk around afraid of the unseen I cherish the light once seen in a dream                                                             Hoping to find the dreams deferred
You look at my paper and say, It's wrong, you're wrong, you fail, I struggle to learn what I need, You struggle to teach us the answers to the test, Tests are more important that my knowledge,
Some teachers still do, But some are severly lacking. Caring in the classroom, Will keep the kids from packing.  Show the students your nice side. Show them you know how they feel.
You think you're hot sh*t don't you because your clothes fit you and you got a nice whip riding after school. You think you're hot sh*t don't you because we will never be like you
Listen you say to get an A and do your work to succeed you say to ask questions about things i don't understand because there are no stupid questions   but here I am infront of you
Oh there's a lot of shit I want to say to you I sit in class, with my head held high Tall with pride, I answer correct questions by using my mind So why do you seem to divide Me From the Class
                                             Teacher, Teacher                                                                                                                 By A.P.A What is there to say?
There's plenty of shit that runs through my mind, Like the fact that you keep talking up until the bell rings, Like how you believe that I'm gonna actually learn something in the 1.5768990000 seconds we have left of class
Here in this classroom Here five days a week sitting here bored and pressured listening to you speak.   Now it is finally my turn so open up your ears. It isn't my problem now
You teach in lies, But all you do is hide. Behind your desk you sit, You probably browse for shit. You can't aford to buy. But don't deny, You would rather be Somewhere else besides teaching me.
There I sit, 30 minutes left, nothing to do, but I feel a certain flush. Oh how it snuck up on me like a theft, let me go, I'm in a rush!   Run to the door, but stopped in my track
Teachers always ask you about what you want to be "Mijo, are you making the right descisions" Mom shortly follows  Everyone around you tries to line you up On a straight line to adulthood
I try so hard, Yet you don't even see. You call me a failure Because I can't get above a C.
The role of an educator grants power and authority, Yet some treat students with degrading inferiority   Your role is hard and I respect your position Because a role as a teacher is
  The rush from one class to the next...knowing nobody in the halls, just trying to get by.   I always wonder, "Is this what high school is really like?"  Does everyone have the same empty look in their eyes.....I wander to my class and wait for i
That damn bell, oh how I dread. These mornings never change. I think I’m seeing red. I groan at the sight of the metal detectors and the line that waits. The security guards with tired eyes, laying down the law.
You have a degree That says you can tell me If I'm right  Or if I'm wrong. You have a certificate And even when I'm sick of it You possess Carte-Blanche martial law. You say no child
From 7 a.m till 3 p.m, you sit there at your desk. You encourage us to have fun, then we end up with a 100 question test! You promise the importance of history.. yet, your voice is monotone?
Oh! For my school The things I would change Everything.  
No. I disagree. You are wrong. Why? I can't say these words to my teacher, No opinion. No voice. No inspiration for what I'm doing. Just sit down and do your work..    
When the voice of a distant cry Wriggles under the paper prison you began I start to grow into another skin   Yet, as soon as you turn your head towards me The world slowly grows dead
                                   Math Class The hard uncomfortable seat that hurts my ass more than any other class, The shrill voice that lasts in my mind for hours, I dread walking through that door
I grew up in a jungle of work and tests Sitting at my desk Day in, day out Listening to lecture upon kecture This is NOT how learning should be!   I only learn what i need for the next test,
Who is the bully?that walks the hallsall big and badcan you really tellthat his world is upside downthat his parents have disappeared 
  At 5:45, the alarm clock rings A moment’s hesitation, and I’m out the door I go to school to “learn new things” Problem is, I’ve seen it all before   Gossip in the hallway, makeup in the bathroom
Rude remarks and unfair words pushed out her evil, snarky smile. She mocked us with hateful words with the most caring tone. Never would she raise her voice or give a scowl, Yet she tortured us with her smile.
Oh, teachers, how you are skilled in boring The normal, average, local students Who keep on searching, always exploring For a teacher with the greatest prudence   Students today are looking for a purpose
I don't think you understand The effect the word 'college' has on me. The more you talk,  The more my heartbeat races.   Taking off like a plane to Britain It won't stop.
Sitting in a class day to day No difference, same thing ... papers all seem the same Waiting for a chance to shine...but the professor doesn't know me Hidden behind numbers...some one please recognize me
Work, study, sleep, work, study, sleep.   I have no time to finish a rhyme, to busy am I trying to get by With a monstrous load of Composition.    Work, study, sleep
This axe of our views hides quietly away its blade rarely sees the light of day These days no one can get the axe   The teachers abuse and swear Some children find this case unfair.
Cease your endless lecturing. Look at them. Watch. Listen. Crack a smile for God's sake. You are their superior, but every once in a while, they want to be noticed,
Sometimes I've got better things to do than solve quadratic equations Or throw my chemistry book against the wall in a fit of frustration. I don't want to drag myself out of bed just to watch a movie.
You teach of tolerance, But you know not what you say. One false word From lips wishing to express What it means to be free Sends missiles raining Upon the heart That only wished for
A dream is supposed to be love and keen but a dream deferred can prevent even the craziest dream Will you let color, age or sex defer your dream? or will you trust, believe, love and achieve,
I walk in and I can feel the heat as I sit it intensifies By five minutesn'i can feel that familiar pain that pain that ravages and scraps my brain Everything I see is jumbled I feel insignifacant
Why are you just standing there? Look at her! Don't you care? Or have you no heart? Or perhaps eyes? Certainly you can hear her sobs. She's not hiding it. Neither is he.
I don't think you get it. Have your parents ever hurt you? Day after day?  Bruise after bruise? I don't mean physically, But by harsh words. You'd think someone
I got my report car yesterday and like any teen my age,  I went on my twitter page, saw a bit of rage, expressions of a bitter day, but as I go to type my tweet, I don't know what to say.
I understand that I am part of a system. A winding, long, twisting system, Filled with loop holes of all kinds.   I am summarized by 2 little numbers, And a combination of 5 letters,
If I told my good-looking teacher, That he has a good-looking ass, What do you think would happen? I'd be taken out of class.  Not to mention mocked, For the rest of forever.
Desperate. Longing to be SEEN. Heard I sing a song and weep. You stare down with icy eyes; strangling my rebirth with your silence. Reach out! Reach out... Oh teacher I have so much to give! To say!
Don't teach me to be a hypocrite; Juding people who don't think what I think, Labelling people who don't do what I do, Arguing with people who don't believe what I believe.  
education its part of a nation its where you make your best creations where you learn your best aggrivations     
She won't shut up He won't stop talking Their f*cking annoying Hello? Teacher? Are you even watching? Tell them to stop talking, Make them be quiet You have the  power here, use your damn noggin!
  Sitting in class thinking of the shit to say to seduce you I look into your eyes as you talk about haikus You’re the one exquisite reason I come to school
I see you lookin at me I know you think i can't achieve But what you can't do is bellieve You need to start lookin deep   I may fall asleep But I am trying and applying
  Teach us something, Teach us something that you Deem as wisdom, not knowledge We thirst for more than you can give,
The shit I wish I could tell my teacher would probably get me supended. But once the shit I wish I could have said probably would have saved my arm. Bullying was killing me inside. Going through all differnt changes with my body and feelings.
Oh dear teacher, I promise I'm paying attention, but it's really hard when the others are a distraction. Jim's in the corner whispering to his crush, while jane is busy texting and giggling through your lesson.
766509, please raise your hand. To the school I was but a number, feeding money into the stands. What I say I mean quiet literally because money is all that mattered. The students saftey, or ablity to learn
I’m like a vine of ivy I need a tree to climb   I will grow so long and lithe I’ll make that flora mine   The moment I reach the sky feel O2 in my green  
Before my foot can fully pass the threshold of your door, I already know what you’re thinking.
My heart has become concave do you not see the mess youve made? by telling children how to behave by telling children they arent great be it by default or by defame you supress us you are the bullies
The bell rings, And so does my head. This time of year, I’d rather be dead. Filed into classrooms, Like hundreds of worker ants. With only consideration For what we have in our pants.  
crap you can't say to your teacher I'm smarter than you crap you can't say to your teacher I am never in a million years going to apply this to my life crap you can't say to your teacher
Blind words lead no where, blind thoughts get no where, blind concernes never see the light, and blind is your fear that we will  not survive.   We may not pay attention, we might not be too bright,
Alarm blaring overhead, grabbing sneakers, running out the door to catch a bus streaking by on the pitch black shore. Dodging a sea of yelping students as you race to the school door,
I used to be eager to learn, Now I'm forced to yearn For the knowledge I crave, And the history I want to save.   We are told what we ought to know, But are we ever asked what we want? No.  
School is torture This I can not be more sure The teachers like vultures Misery they ensure When the bell rings They act like kings Barking out commands That every student withstands
We come to learn the things, for which you have concerns; We're here to seek the lives we dare not speak; There is a thing called life, things that don't resolve around one night;
These walls plastered with motivational speeches and properly worded English Are virtually meaningless, because the teacher in front speaking Cares more about that check than checking the voice of the speechless
This class is trash half of the things I'm learning is irrrelavant, Why do i need to know how to disect a frog in this experiment ?, Why do I need to share an egg with a boy I dispise ?,
For once I'd like to Untie that mysterious box alone, Cutting the cord,  Kissing teachers goodbye So that I may Conceive a thought on my own, but I'm Helpless to defy the system
One bad morning when I missed the bus,  Turned into a a series of extremely unfortunate events that I need to discuss. It started out when my phone fell into a tall glass of OJ,
The Mockery Students file out of buses in the morning, Into a web of quota. Curricula goals created not by the educators, But by the State.   The System With admin lurking,
Mr. Forevergingerman Stares blankly at the page It’s covered in words Words Just rolling and spinning on and off the page Words everywhere Everything is words And nothing is words
I sit in your stupid class every day,  and I feel my life wasting away. It's not that I don't like you- I really do- It's just that I don't understand you. You try to teach, but you're no good,
Being a teacher for the day I would get more done I would let the students teach I would make the class room fun Every once in a while I would give them a test With the answers on the board
  I look in the corner I see a girl crying, dying, and lying about being bullied She hit rock bottom but she’s still trying to succeed
  I guess Tomorrow was yours, too Because you took it from My Hands, How arrogant so yesterday couldn’t fill you and you could not be hungry, yes
I am not just a number in your grade book. My grades do not reflect me. I am not a score on a test. My scores are not my reflection. I am not wasted potential. My potential is still sprouting.
My breath sighs and wakes the dust sleeping still and silent on the rough leather covering pages of my brain. EYES SWOLLEN and overflowing with stars, I begin to gnaw my pencil.
Hello teacher Do you know what you want to teach us today? Or do you want to seat on your big, luxurious, comfy, and plush chair while playing cards on your school paid for laptop?
Thoughts run rapid inside my head filled with words that I never said So here's my chance to finally show what I believe our system should know The best example of course is me
School life has become a social endeavour: walking through the halls more focused on friends than studying and in the end, fretting about getting through, and around people to our next class. 
Kids are steadily drooping out of school Selling drug, hang in gangs becuase they think it's kind of cool The list of the problems that are wrong with America Will have these kids rolling off into hysteria
Wrong or right. Good or bad. You teach me there is no other way.  There are no shades of gray.  We are the smart ones or we are not.  We are the gifted ones or we are not. 
Many students trying to follow the crowd Hoping to be accepted Others trying to live life out loud Fearing of being neglected   Many students living in poverty Leading some to drug use
If I had one thing to say to my teachers it would be that class is boring. To keep my attention I need hands on. To keep me engaged I need the information to be put in real life situations.
Mind your manners Sit up straight No slouching Better stay awake My head hurts And my eyes burn Read the reports It's my turn Eyes all on me Glossophobia's the word
Teacher, teacher I need help on this question I’m trying my best But I need a suggestion   But teacher, teacher Instead of rote memorization Instead of formulas and dates
On your first day of school in kindergarten, You are not taught what to say. In the right, wrong, Good or bad way.  
She is Tall Brilliant Gorgeous Funny Amazing I am Average She is A girl who, when she says "hello" her smile is genuine And it makes your heart pound in your chest
They ask us to wake up earlier than healthy,they ask us to stay up doing projects, and then ask why we fall asleep in class!They complain if you come to school sick,but don't you dare miss a day, there's no way to win!They talk down to us everyday
land of the free follow the script institutionalized thoughts no dreams can inspire you we care about us  and depend on you  to be firm and broken  beaten to the point of never lookig different
land of the free follow the script institutionalized thoughts no dreams can inspire you we care about us  and depend on you  to be firm and broken  beaten to the point of never lookig different
Quick! Turn around! Catch this kid, Phone lit right up, fingers dancing across the screen.   Come on! Look! He's playing Candy Crush, But your back is turned.
The tiny squeak of the lid Popping off like a sword drawing from the sheath. The mentor turned away from the nonchalant pupils.  Thinking, just how long until the bell rings. Turns out
I want more voice tones: No more monotoned lectures. Then I'd stay awake.
You taught me how to conjugate verbs in five languages You showed me how to find the zeroes in a quadratic equation Oh, I know what you're thinking I got it all figured out I got those straight A's rolling out
Often times, kids think they're smart talking back to some "old fart". One thing they don't know is that this "old fart" once wore a backwards hat. He was cool once, too-- Just like me, and just like you.
I am not angry I have no qualms with the way you teach. Besides, Nobody takes the time to step into your polished, fitted Balmorals. You actually do care about the lives
Its hard not feel like a cow. Trapped, packed in by the dozens, herded through the halls But with bells to worry about; they don't use prods anymore. Squeezed through the door, shoved my way to my designated area.
Synergy it must exist My class mates, nor I  must choose not to resist For all we have is this class to express, elaborate, and hope it all last I hope this semsester does not end to fast
Walk into class, look around, take a seat. Preparing for a test, fighting the urge to cheat. Teacher walks in without even a smile on her face. Doesn't say good morning either, oh what grace.
Each word clung to paper thin pages with some particular tenacity the teachers teeth cut against soft palpable ears The floors knew these lessons had heard more words could tell them more
Mr. Evans, what kind of class are you running?The kids are all sluffing, hardly any are coming. The desks have language that sailors use.Everything you say just makes me pale and confused.
Sh*t you cant tell your teacher Yo teach I love you...no homo Professor im not professing my passions But rather Your actions
So we're supposed to argue civily. And when we cannot manage that, Give up?   But what if we're in a debate, Face to Face with our oponent. Give up?  
You say that the Civil War ended slavery, Then decry corporations as practicing such, Driving their "employees" into the ground, Hypocritical Much? But as I recall, Over all, Corporations don't chain
I am tired of these peers of mine saying they "don't want to be here", the mob mentality is too strong to fight, I just wish some of them would take the time to try enjoy the school year,
Excuse me, sir. Are you listening, miss? You are not going To want to miss this.   I have something to say. I speak for more than a few. Testing isn't fair. I'm sure this isn't new.
 Words used OVER and OVER again. ALLWAYS talking about this thing and that thing. THAT THING. The things we need to see are BLIND. The things we need to hear are DEAF. The people who need to hear and see are never there.
"Pay attention!" The voice shouts from Across the room. With a start, he Pushes his head up And props himself up On his elbows. His sleeves slip down And he yanks them back
My mouth is a door You really dont want to open this door I have many things to say And they are not for anyone's ears, but you Okay, I'am late. So what!  I'am tardy, forgive me for my sin
Dear lord could it be, here I am for all to see. In front of the class paying my dues, speaking aloud to all of you. I was quite scared and oh so lost, when my teacher said we'd be here with a cost.
Teachers,we know what you do,sneaken about, Tellen us what it,s all about, When those who can't, teach, and each of us reach, For that gold star so far, You make us or break us, that is your quest,
Dear Mr. Johnson, I hope you remember that this day marks a special death in September Of my best friend Tyler My best friend ever who took his own life in a sad endeavour  I remember the funeral
Teachers, Instead of teaching us how to solve quadratic functions Teach us how to do our taxes and pay our bills Instead of teaching us Shakepeare's themes about human nature
You walk in to talk about these economically issues, but instead you ask if your shirt matches your shoes. You blame me for not learning your subject, but you veer off on tangents, which I don't elect.
When you talk. I think just stop. Please don't say anymore. There's really no need. You act like I'm a child and I'm not. I'm a senior now so treat me like it. Please next time you have something to say. Talk in a normal voice.
Scholarships, tuition and loans clones the current holder of the thrones on going problem debt i want to be able to learn about serenity for the things we cant change  teach us how to accept we lost hope when we took out religion
Every year is something new but yet nothing has changed. I was suppose to learn it last year but last year they told me I would learn it this year. You expect us to pass the test
Your knoweldge of the world is high But is that a reason to undermind me? Just because I dont understand the material doesnt mean I cant see I know you have a Bachelor Degree Maybe even a Masters
Careful, now, I daydream softly, As the clock strikes one by one, Only a lifetime 'til that saintly bell tolls, but until then, the prisoners must suffer. I hear the voice that makes my starry mind pucker,
i wonder to this day - was it a power thing? 'cause that's sure how it felt sitting small in my chair trying to curl in on myself hoping to dissolve into nothingness like the salt in my tears  
7:30  “It’s only one hour I’m asking for.” One Hour. 8:30 “One hour just for this class, and that’s it.” One hour. 9:30 “It’s a reasonable request” One hour. 10:30
Once a girl with curly brown hair showed her mom her very first poem she tapped her head and told her it was great and hung it on the fridge for all to see That same girl 10 years later
I woke up 30 minutes past eight, And School starts at nine. I know that I will be late, So I give up trying to be on time.   I walk into the class ten minutes after the bell
I open my mouth Your eyes snap shut Your hands clamp over your ears I must stop Wait until you calm But when you demand an answer This is always your reply You share no knowledge
Say something. Give me your voice. "Care."  Reason? Tell you why? Everyday is a challenge.  A growing fight. An enormous struggle. "May I say more?" Hand is raised.  
In school I learned about english and bullying Judgement, math, and the flaws of schooling. But there are some things my teacher didn't tell me Things that the new me is scared of knowing.
These veins will no longer drip rust. I will scream loud and high-pitched And I will be recognized. I will force them to hear me and I hope my anger will disgust them and my eyes
you stare down at me with those pretentious eyes   best, you want better I can feel my self-esteem d r o p p i n g like ink from a quill
    Criticized. What’s the point of even speaking? Focus on breathing. Teacher’s eyes seek out mine. Keep my head down.
You think we are dumb But you're just a scum to us Please stop teaching now
Scratching pencils border along the lines Driving me to prepare for the world We prepare for futures times That have yet to meet our eyes Can the screaming chalk against the board
He died. Such a short sentence, not wordy Not eloquent, But what else can I say when someone mentions my dad? Or asks, "what's your father do?" Sometimes, I lie,
“So, this is it...” says my dad from the hall outside my dorm room. The words hang like a streamer spanning the width of my door frame separating college on one side from my childhood on the other, Today he leaves me here;
She held my hand as a child, keeping me upright and safe.  She supported me in my older years, saying,  "Life is the chances you take."  Now today I reminice these times,  haunting me more and more.  I hope, in other words,  she'll always be happy
Thou dreams like no man dreamed before Looking upon thy heaven's for thou fate You speak out for me to say more Before thou sings that one restful note toward heaven's gate  
"Here I am", said the teacher. "Here I am", said the vocalist. "Here I am", said the piano. "Here I am", said the books. "Here I am", said the desire. "Here I am", said the practice rooms. "Here I am", said the history.
When you saw me upset, you immediately knew When I had a question, you had the answer When I needed help, you gave the advice When I needed to laugh, you were the smile When I needed to talk, you were the ear
Does it mean to handle a *Bokken? Or to truly perfect one’s **Kata Swinging to his heart’s content in joy Connor Burke is an artist of doubt Yamashita, master of arts, glows
not long ago you brushed me off without a care in the world about your words with thorns This deceiving hell burning to the touch UNBEARABLE suffering the Dreaded feeling
Above the raindrops of the shower head my thought scream loudly and my heart wails in silence. Shock and sadness hit me stronger than a title wave with the awareness: I have always felt alone.
A moment’s glimpse is all I get each day Her quick darting silhouette does intrigue Ever wishing for a chance she will stay I wonder how she moves without fatigue Should I call out to her, oh no too late
My chocoholic English teacher lights Up the classroom. Her witty remarks make The children giddy. She makes sure we cite Our work. For projects she won’t let me bake.
My dance instructor, so cool so fresh My heart racing as I am put to the test Stepping to every sound, feeling every beat Making sure that I accomplish an amazing feat Though tough times he is always there
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