motivate the kids that hate.


I am tired of these peers of mine saying they "don't want to be here",

the mob mentality is too strong to fight,

I just wish some of them would take the time to try enjoy the school year,

if they were assigned an essay overnight,

most would refuse to write,

they take their grades light, 

they only nibble when asked to bite.

These are the kids putting the minimal amount to get by

the kids that don't try,

Twitter filled with "fuck school" and "my teacher is a bitch"

Instead of going to assemblies in the bleachers they just ditch

Kids who won't get involved in school dances or events

But deep inside they want to look forward to every day

satisfied leaning against the wall and the fence.

And it starts with the teachers, the role models and examples

So if you think the kids are at fault for lacking of spirit

Remember you are the ones the kids see as a reflection of right and wrong

This is just a instance, merely a sample

of what kids think of school participation and why they fear it

Given the right guidance any teacher can make any kid feel like they belong








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