"Check the Website"


Rude remarks and unfair words pushed out her evil, snarky smile.

She mocked us with hateful words with the most caring tone.

Never would she raise her voice or give a scowl,

Yet she tortured us with her smile.

A smile that represented all the hate and mockery.

How could you get a good grade?

If she did not like you, you would not,

You must pretend to be her friend,

to praise her methods and pretend to learn.

She ignored all questions, even called it "stupidity"

"Check the website," would be her response.

The website was never updated,

It only had work that was months outdated.

I did not expect to learn, busy work was her friend

Weekly movies that went against school regulations,

But there was no one to stand up to her tyranny.

An endless cycle of a battle you could not fight.

You could only count the days until the weekend,

Anything to avoid the evil smile.

A stack at the end of her desk would always be there,

the busy work from week one, not yet graded.

It stood there until the last week before summer break,

But it eventually went to the trash.

She was not all bad, however,

People like her teach a valuable lesson, 

They remind you of what you hate, and what you must never become.


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