We Dont Even Care About US

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 00:48 -- egeason

This school was created for US

They were ment to serve our needs as blacks

Now you tell me I'm not good enough

I'll never be equal

I'll always have to work harder, be better

Aren't you suppose to encourage me for the better?

Why not help build me up?

Let me guess you just dont give a fuck ?

Class is always cancelled, but you want me to go out my way?

Teachers are suppose to care about education

I care but why dont you

I'm a senior in college and I had to change my major

---cause I can't keep fucking with you

Your not the only one, but your a starter

The whole department is fucked up

I've sat in class and listened to teachers sexapade

What the fuck am I paying for?

What am I striving for ?

I learned more about life than books at my HBCU

I learned do nobody owe you shit & nobody wants to see you prosper

Why do you care though?

Why are you still here?

Im not paying 16,000 a year to be babysat

Im tired of this shit I just wanna get my degree and help those same kids out like me

Some of us care about our education & as a teacher you should too

Its more than passing test

If I had of stayed with you, I would graduate next year

But when I graduate I would be what white people would exspect

A little black girl went to a HBCU and didnt learn shit

Now I'm learning and studying for retaintnment

---all the shit you thought I couldnt do

All I needed was inspiration, maybe just encouraging words

When I began teaching, I'll be nothing like you



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