Break Me, Take Me, But Never Change Me

When the voice of a distant cry

Wriggles under the paper prison you began

I start to grow into another skin


Yet, as soon as you turn your head towards me

The world slowly grows dead

Into a fabled tomb                  


The slightest sound from your warbled throat

Sends violent shudders through my veins

While eyes colder than buried ice

Bite down into my flesh


The fear erupts to engulf my sway

Eating at me more while satisfaction

Is never known


I grow weary to move

Under your rude roar

I grow to ache at the sight

Of the sharp vein pulsing under sagging meat


This is no respect born from rue

But the agitation of the mask

Crosses me with you


Flames-never mine-nip at my tongue

Daring me to speak up

Only to be stung

No matter the wonder or cry before


Others had burns devour their flesh

Others had tongues snipped from their core

Yet, I had nothing, but petals too soft

With roots chained to the ground

And locks on my heart


The past you’ve carved destroyed my being

So what’s another year to kill me?

Break Me

Take Me

Ravish me in fear


But you shall never shatter

The world that is my mind

And can never change     

The Me I Only Am



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