I Hate My AP Psychology Teacher:

Unknown to you, teacher, I'm here to say the class hates it.
The way you teach, and how many things you can assign in a week.
The class hates you, we have no need to debate.
Because every day we sit there, quietly.
Every student sitting there. Every silent teen, well, there is a riot going on inside our minds.
Lashing out at the way you "teach".
Packets to complete, notes to take, no time in class for the project that causes stress so severe we shake.

There's an axis, a balance, between the rest of our classes and yours. And I'm here to say, 
the work you give,
it's too much. 
As teenagers, it should be our time to live, but instead...
But instead your work demands more time and effort than we have and can give.
Some of us no longer sleep. Some of us no longer eat.

AP. That stands for Advanced Placement.
Classes a Highschool student can take to gain college credits.
When we graduate, it looks great.
Yet I'm told again and again that College is a breeze, compared to AP. Why?
Harder than College classes? Sounds rough, I know.
But here we are, High School students with AP classes.
Dear AP Psych Teacher, I said classes, that means more than one.

So why is it, that you act as though your class is our only course?
The only one that matters? 
Last time I checked, you were teaching an elective.
We take your class, but it seems you forget we have six others.
Ones that really matter, and define whether or not we'll actually graduate from this place.
On top of it all, you're a teacher who doesn't teach.
Yet you love to assign work, more and more, on top of everything.
It just piles up.

How much work do we have to complete, before we're given a break? A moment to relax?
Instead, every semester is a constant rinse and repeat.
Ironically, psychologically, we're being torn apart from doing your job, and teaching ourselves psychology.
This needs to stop.

This poem is about: 
My community


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