Dear Mr.Oswald,


United States

They called you a mean little old man,

They said the old man gave to much work them to stand

And yet they could not understand

The helping hand that was meant for them too land

But I knew the truth

AP World was hard for a freshman to stand

But the time you gave was more than enough to attend

It was unfair for them to make such a demand

And as they banded to petition the Queen 

You stood firm the mean little old man

So when she came you made a reply that was grand

Yet despite my foresight I was failing

Flailing depserately, I joined those making the demands

My heart knew better but my mind said other

So when you an mother

Met to discuss the bad weather of my grades

I swayed listening to what was said

He reads all the texts assisned and more for fun

Or else he would not be passing my tests

He would be the fine if this was college he has the knowledge

But does not do the homework assigned to him

This is why he is failing 

But I know he can do better than the others

So I will let him make up enough to bring his grade up a letter

Dear Mr. Oswald,

Thank you for giving me a chance

Thank you for not closing the path to my academic dreams

Thank you for leting me go into AP Euro in 10th following my love for history

Thank you for showing me how notes are suppose to be done

You are the Ghengis Khan of World History

You are the Sun King when it comes to roasting

You  made learning AP Euro feel like the New World

Sincerely, Alexandre Saliba






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