I walk the halls,

getting one last look at the walls.

They've never looked so pretty,

as I imbed them into memory.


I can still hear the screams,

and see the lights beam,

as I stand alone,

on the stage that was my throne.


No one sits in the stands,

and there's no music from the band.

The announcer doesn't yell my name,

because I've played my last game.


I've come so far,

and I reached for the stars.

Was it worth the strain?

Were my efforts in vain?


I want people to remember me,

not just as another nobody,

or as the average lazy graduate,

but, as somebody who made sure my goals were met.


Now my time has come to a close,

and I'm proud of the choices I chose.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see,

if you will choose to remember me. 


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