english teacher

Sat, 11/02/2013 - 20:54 -- Siori


i can't focus because i'm staring at your ass

during my advanced honors english class

you talk about oedipus and wuthering heights

i wonder if you notice my new lace tights

the smell of coffee on your breath

i notice as you lecture on macbeth

do you think of the possibility

of how great together we would be

imagine the mornings we could share

i would play with the ringlets in your hair

i could wake you with a kiss

and we would live in passionate bliss

god i'd love to have an affair

especially with someone like you, so rare

your chisled features are like a dream

the intensity of your gaze extreme

you look fantastic for fifty-five

and suddenly my passion for english is revived

but unfortunately you'll never know

the depths of my fantasies and hope

and so i'll take them to my grave

and live on, with feelings depraved











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