Dear Miss Vondoom

Truthfully you're a vampire,

You must be thousands of years old with centuries of knowledge

Yet you decided to come to my school.

With all those centuries of ideas

You stumbled into my seventh grade English classroom

The class above me labeled you Vondoom and you gladly stuck with it

Embracing your vampiristic traits, never changing

Similar to your clothing style

But lately you wear fewer bow ties.

Miss Vondoom do you remember our journals?

To me the bright yellow notebook I used complimented your class perfectly

It even comes with a nice little warning:

"Once you open up this book you will land in a world full of gummy bears, cannibalism, and pure weirdness."

A fun yet bright looking notebook to distract from all the magic inside.

Perhaps everything is in invisible ink

If I just looked at it in a different light I would finally see the directions for time travel

Then I would time travel to a day of braces and a passion for simply expressing myself

What if I time travelled to the day we dedicated an hour to eating Japanese snacks

And watching a web series about lesbian vampires

Maybe you were trying to tell me something...

Or the day I realized presenting isn't so bad if it's something I like

Standing in front of my class talking

I always had to be the last to present

If I was first nobody else would have time to present



It's easy to simply say thank you

But it's not how I want to show you my gratitude

Instead take this poem on behalf of one of your students

With your vampiric knowledge you've shown me many things

I'll try to remember

my grammar,

my creativity,

my ability to fly,

my confidence,

my custard pie,

my weirdness,

my homework that's due in a day,

my punctuation.

In exchange, please remember us non-vampiric humans are here to support you

even when you outlive us

Live strong in a thousand years

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My community


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