Wake Up, Daydreamer!

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 20:37 -- PHOEBER

Slaying privateers with my blunderbuss,

The queen's lap dogs surrendering without a fuss,--

Remember this for the test: PV=nRT--

I took their ship, not caring if I was brusk.


I can't seem to shake her.

Wake up, daydreamer.


Standing on the stage with mic in hand, 

Shouting, "No I won't play 'Freebird!'" to the obnoxious man,--

Does anyone have any questions?--

"But I will play my song," I said, motioning to the band.


Her eyes are glazing over again, poke her!

Wake up, daydreamer!


Staring the dragon in its yellow eye,

Readying my weapon and preparing to fly,

Alright, class! Pop-quiz time!

Charging with great force at-- wait, what? 





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