O great teacher


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I wandered around for as long as I could remember
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Oops! Did I just messed up on the sequence of seasons?
Oh yes I did! Now what can you do to me,O great teacher?
Correct me? Ask me to repeat in the correct sequence?
No, no! I said to myself.
Have you ever sit down and wondered, O great teacher?
That you are actually disliked by hated?
The reason? you asks...
Well, the reason are infinite and far beyond the numbers learned in Math class.
They say teacher is like the candle in the wind
experiencing the blowing wind and still standing strong.
Now, now, I will give you the credits of being the undefeatable candle.
Could the students be the wind? Could there be a day where the candle finally be blown out?
Yes, O great teacher. The asnwer is YES!
Who are you to think that students must do whatever the teacher tells them to do?
You were once a student before, no?
Did you really obey what your teacher told you to do?
O great teacher, I admire your courage and confidence in teaching the students
But where there is a limit, there is a stop sign telling you to slow down and stop.
You said we are a bunch of ungrateful brats
Did your teacher told your class that too?
I wonder...
O great teacher, where art thine compassion?


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