War of the Schooling World


Careful, now, I daydream softly,

As the clock strikes one by one,

Only a lifetime 'til that saintly bell tolls,

but until then, the prisoners must suffer.

I hear the voice that makes my starry mind pucker,

but I give no logic to my endless wonders

Wondering what makes grown men tick

And how to avenge those hollow threats

that keep me up 'til dawn. 

Sorry, bastard, you can't forget

When you threaten said "poor, dumb" child.

I quietly write and passively listen

with an air of "I will be compliant",

but tomorrow knows there's blood in my pupils

To be shed for who but the liar.

The target walks around the stuffy room

like a tyrannical ruler among peasants,

but, I, dear sir, am not part of the medieval time

in this so-called democracy

It's just too bad I fight alone

in this war between you and me.

As you stroll along, you burn my gaze

As you crack the whip, I wrinkle the page

and walk towards the door.

No thankyou, I say, I would not like to participate

in the War of the Schooling World. 


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