Educate Me


Simply educate me

That’s all I want from you

You do your job and I’ll do my work and listen with learning ears

because I want a future

where this knowledge will help me to do great things in life


Because of you I will be smarter


Care about your job

Why do you teach?

Make learning interesting

Don’t give up on us

Take us further with your words and actions

The more you care the more I try

But I try anyways for me


Motivate us to do better

Make us want to listen

Reach out if we’re falling

Listen if we’re calling


Tell us about the real world

and what we need to know

Things that we can use in life

Not just how to find the answer to an imaginary problem

But a real problem that’s currently going on


Do what you got to do to get your point across

To help us learn things

I still think about the things I learned from years of education

Because of you I know these things

I wish I could remember everything

So your teaching will not go to waste

But I can only remember some things


But If you’re going to teach, then really teach

So we will always know what you’ve taught us

and not just have it memorized temporarily

Because if it is only temporary, what is the point of learning it then?


Simply educate me

That’s all I want from you



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