Dear Teacher

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 20:32 -- Natello

Dear teacher, I know you job is to educate me

How about I teach you while you average out

The numbers on a list that reflect my character


I did the work, and listened, and sat there attentively;

Since this is what will get me the grade.


I am what you call average

I am what my family calls hope

They believe in me

so I do it for them

They’ll sweat blood to pay an admission fee


My mantra: work hard pays off;

but honestly,

The pressure builds on

and college gets costly

My shoulders can't bear the weight of their hopes


You bring the grades down for participation?

After everything and my ascent flavored mouth

with the words I can't pronounce

Rolling them up a hill only to be rolled back down on me

No, not fair

This is why I shout all bitter

Boldly filling out on that questionnaire

That as for your class there are less fucks given.



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