Get Lost Hag


The homework papper cuts us dry,

sitting in your office to hear you cry.

guess nobody wore cloths today,

i did'nt join in,

they called me gay.

kids ask me "you got somthin to say?",

alot but your too dumb to understand it,

and if i scream it out they'll probly ban it.

so here teach i brought you an apple

its fat and white so grab a handfull.

i dont wanna play the mind games anymore

your class is hell, where is the door.

you try and feed me cyinide

just look around and eat your pride.

the front of the room, you must be joking?!?!

i smell stupidity, im freakin choking!

did you just say detention?!?!

you'd know it was'nt me had you paid attention.

whatever! this is garbage!

im not ganna be your hostige,

so take the detention and shove it,

heres an excuss, do you love it?

im ganna go to collage ganna be your boss,

i hope our fun was worth the cost.

cant wait to throw a box at you and say "your fired you hag!!"

"GET LOST!!!!"



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