Stop the Rust



I look in the corner I see a girl crying, dying, and lying about being bullied

She hit rock bottom but she’s still trying to succeed

Smoking weed, letting depression sink in by the count of 3

1 her father is deceased

2 her family is in need of money

3 her little sister has cancer and she’s worried

I wish I could show her the light, that life will go on you just have to fight

You need to strive for what’s right

To stand up when you’re put down

To smile when you want to frown

To live like the rich even though life’s a shantytown

She can’t concentrate when the teacher talks

Some days she just gets out and walks

She hates school but not education

She’s tired of going to the officer saying she’s been beaten

We need to stand up

For those who appear to look like us

Let’s stop the rust

Oil these bruised hinges and tell those bullies to shut the fuck up


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