What I can't say to my Teacher

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 21:11 -- Jenny


Teacher these days are just ignorant

They like to teach us stuff we already know.

When you correct them, you suffer a consequence,

Or you could just go

Outside and miss the whole lecture,

Then its your fault you missed the notes.

They won't let you get it from another student,

because they claim that's cheating.


Teachers these days don't listen to their kids,

We tell them we did that assighnment already

And the give it to us anyway.

They don't understand what it's like to go through the same thing twice.

Teacher won't hlp you out with a problem

They show you once or twice and that's it.


Teachers these days are all about the money

They don't really want to be teachers to help out.

They don't want to give back to the community,

They just want to come for 2 weeks,

And rush to sighn up for payroll.


Teachers these days are the opposite of incredible,

They sit at thier desk and when the principal walks in

They hurry and go stand at the board,

Or a students desk.

They will never put themselves in a students mind,

To even try and figure out whats wrong,

So we give them behavior problems,

And it turns out its always our fault all along.




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