Thanks for the "Help."

They tell us the truth will set you free,

So you should hear the truth from me,

That student sitting in the first row,

Who always seems to look and know,

So brace yourself,

Get ready dear,

For all the things you need to hear.

It won’t be pretty,

It won’t be sweet,

Just shut up, it’s MY turn to speak.

I’ll violate the teacher’s creed,

But maybe now we will get what WE need.


 We parrot back the information,

Robots of the Z generation,

Can't analyze or compromise,

But we can ace the standardized.


The tools we need for life aren’t here,

The place in which the constant fear,

Of failing haunts us every night,

Where success depends on being right.


You set us up for pain and breaks,

Cause we can’t handle our mistakes,

We never try new things at all,

For the fear that we might fall.


You taught us well, all we know,

To just zoom zoom zoom, and go go go.

Finish that essay! Write that paper!

Left foot on accelerator!

Join a team or two or six!

Doesn’t matter if it makes you sick.

No time to stop, you’re almost there!

Now quick just speed up a hair!

This is right, that is wrong,

“How dare you listen to that song?”

We hurry and we seek validation,

As a group, as a nation,

They say “No Child left Behind!”

How can they be so blind?

Because maybe behind is up ahead,

That road we speed on, til we’re dead.


But I can’t say any of this to you,

Because in your world, one plus one is two.

No shades of gray, or phases of light.

Wrong is Wrong, and Right is Right.

So thank you darling teacher dearest,

For making us perfect, The best!

And just as dumb as all the rest.





My favorite part of this poem is the comedy and reality that the author mixed together. This poem is great!

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