Teach Us

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 23:12 -- a.lee1


Teach us something,

Teach us something that you

Deem as wisdom, not knowledge

We thirst for more than you can give,

Yet you try so hard

Try again, teacher,

And give us something new

A different concept

Teach us what they do not

Want you to

Teach us about reality,

And how it applies to our lives

We do not care

About the person that bought

Five hundred watermelons

In mathematics class,

We do not care

About the dead lawmakers and corruption

In history class,

We do not care

About the over-glorified writers of the past

In language class,

We do not care

What artists were attempting to revive ages ago

In art class,

We do not care

About the businessman that became rich and passed away

In business class,

We do not care

About the early theories of life that proved to be illogical

In science class,

We do not care

For those that are dead, famous, and overly thought of

We care about those that did not make it,

Those that failed,

So that we may learn

And become wiser in the mistakes of others

Teach us of them, teacher

I dare you


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