Teachless Teacher


You sit in the front while we're stuck in the back, 

what is this lesson on? oh yeah, you don't even know.. You're whack!

I'm trying to learn will you please teach?

"Child sit down, quit being a leach!"

Why'd the school hire you? you're lazy and dumb,

anyone could teach this class better than you, even a bum!

It's my senior year don't you think I should be learning something useful,

I wish I could but my teacher knows nothing! Not even the Crucible. 

Every day the same routine,

"Kids sit down, be quiet! Listen to me, I'm the queen!"

Power hungry with a desire to dictate, 

my english teacher is the worst leader ever, someone, please recreate! 

Help me, my peers and even the staff,

get rid of this 'teacher', what more could I ask?!

One last time, I'm done with this rant,

this Teachless Teacher needs to be squashed like an ant! 


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