The Mockery


The Mockery

Students file out of buses in the morning,

Into a web of quota.

Curricula goals created not by the educators,

But by the State.


The System

With admin lurking,

Intentions tainted with greed.

The true goal of education,

Is not to mislead.



Dedicated to their students,

To the learning.

That’s why teachers teach,

Not to be a mockery.


Curriculum meetings

To heighten success of the students,

Somehow have transformed education.

Into a glass ceiling,

Catering to the weak, hindering the strong.



Underpaid teachers with overpaid administration,

That determine what’s lessons should be taught.

Yet they’re not the ones teaching,

Dictating from an office, not the classroom.


The Goal

Learning no longer cultivates,

The same information regurgitated.

For quotas on tests must be met,

It’s a financial crock.


The Mockery

Teachers stuck in glass boxes,

Shouldn’t throw stones.

Their passion, once burning bright,

Stifled out by the State.


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