Education Deja Vu

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 18:11 -- Hime16

Alarm blaring overhead,

grabbing sneakers,

running out the door

to catch a bus streaking by on the pitch black shore.

Dodging a sea of yelping students as you race to the school door,

You start to think that this has all happened before.

Though the same girls who snubbed at you were replaced by fraternal clones,

and the boys who'd jeer at you have gained some manly tones,

every year stays the same, when August comes around.

And you pray for time to speed up, instead of slowing down.

The perfectly executed assignments make you stand out in a crowd,

While the lowest earning students get student popularity all around.

You stand in the shadows, buying your time.

In ten years, all that ignorant bliss will be only in the hands of the mime.

You strain over early morning questions, terms buzzing in your head,

thinking how just three months ago you were snuggling in your bed.

The lunch food is inedible,

you think you just swallowed an eye,

and the fresh fruit has browned and developed a stye.

Waiting for the bell to ring, you meet your destined fate:

ten pounds of homework due at an early rate.

Begrudgingly marching home with precious parcels in your pack

dodging the neighbor's dog's snack attack.

At home you pray for summer to once again come

so you can be free of the ignorant and dumb



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