My Turn to Speak


Here in this classroom

Here five days a week

sitting here bored and pressured

listening to you speak.


Now it is finally my turn

so open up your ears.

It isn't my problem now

if you don't like what you hear.


Seeing you stand up there

with nothing in your hands

speaking off notes in your mind

I have the urge to take a stand.


I am here for a lesson

I am here to learn

So just follow the curriculum

if teaching is one of your concerns.


 You are cool and all

but there is no time for that

because at this rate I will have to cram

just to pass the AP exam.


It isn't just my time and money

but your job that's on the line.

So get yourself together

before we run out of time.


You became a teacher

because of what, I don't know

but as long as you are one,

you outta help students grow.


That you for hearing me out

as that was what I wanted to say.

Now as for you, decide on what to do

continue on this or make it okay.





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