Oh, And One More Thing

So I am leaving soon anyway

And you won't see me another day.

But there's one more thing I have to say:

You can't always have it your way. 


Not every teacher is like this, thankfully,

And this will be true always, hopefully.

Don't you dare become irritated at my question

You can glare all you want; there will be no cession.


Stop moving too fast; not everyone learns at the same pace,

And stop treating our grades like some sort of race.

Stop caring about points all the time,

and stop getting your panties in a twist because you're not in your prime.


Realize that we are not superhuman,

And that around us there is not always some sort of numen.

Just like you, we get tired every week,

So unmanageableable amounts of homework are not what we seek.


You expect us to finish our homework in time,

But don't freak out if we are not done and say it's a crime.

You know you take forever to grade,

So hurry up and grade faster because that's why you get paid. 


So, I know I said I had one more thing to say,

But it's not like I have to stay.

I know I have said maybe too much sh*t to you,

But like so many others, if you wanna say something back, get in the queue. 



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