A Child's Superhero

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 00:21 -- hmcline


My parents said my desired career was not fit for this world.

They said I will not make enough money to live.

I want to change the world.

I want to BE somebody.

Do they not understand?

It will be a long, narrow road.

But I am well-prepared.

I will keep my dreams close, and God even closer.

I want to share my knowledge to individuals that need it:


Yes, I will teach children.

It seems like a deathwish in today's economy.

But to me, it is what will make me feel alive.

I want to feel joy when I go to work.

I want to be proud of my career.

And I will be.

My heart aches knowing that I will not reach this goal for another four or five years.

It will be worth it when it happens.

This is my one goal in life.

I will succeed.

Against all odds, I will succeed.

I will wake up early every morning

And arrive to a classroom full of bright, smiling faces.

And I will be proud.

For these may not be flesh and blood, but they are my children.

I will change their lives.

I will forever be grateful for their wonderful souls.

They will heal me, as I will heal them.

Why, might you ask?

I am a child's best friend. 

His role model.

His therapist.

His second mother.

His nurse.

And his leader.

But most of all, 

I am his teacher.

His superhero.





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